Sorrento APE 50

Sorrento -

Purpose- Making the roofing of aluminum, and container closures in the form of classic composite flaps, gives the possibility of using the vehicle in more extreme weather conditions, and it is not about rain or other precipitation, but mainly about working in strong sunlight. The flaps in the open position give shade, which prevents overheating of the container in which the ice cream freezer is built-in. The sales person also works in more favorable conditions. In this model of buildings, we usually install equipment for serving ice-cream, but it also happens that buyers of these vehicles use them as a general-commercial unit.

Construction - container construction completely aluminum, welded in TIG technology. The flaps to ensure minimum weight and high stiffness are made of sandwich panels, additionally they provide thermal protection of the interior of the vehicle. Worktops are made of composites, glued from the visible side with natural wood or stainless steel sheet. The ceiling is underneath covered with wooden veneers additionally reinforced from the invisible side with a polyester-glass laminate. The ceiling is also thermally insulated.