Milano APE Classic

Milano -

Purpose- This model clearly stands out from the others. Thanks to the large payload Piaggio Classic, for which this model container is designed, you can configure this development for very serious gastronomic applications. The most popular configuration, of course, are those for serving ice cream, but due to the large usable surface of the countertop, it can also successfully fit into a set of devices for serving coffee, a cooling-display for muffins, or a set of equipment for preparing and serving ice-coffee desserts.

Construction - container construction completely aluminum, welded in TIG technology. the flaps for minimum weight and high stiffness are made of sandwich panels, additionally they constitute thermal protection of the interior of the vehicle. Worktops are made of composites, glued from the visible side with natural wood or stainless steel sheet. The ceiling is underneath covered with wooden veneers additionally reinforced to the invisible side with a polyester-glass laminate. The ceiling is also thermally insulated.