Coffee Piaggio

One of the most popular option of Piaggio

1. Module with a sink and water heater 12V
This module has tanks for clean and used water. Under the vehicle there is a valve for emptying the tank with used water, on the upper surface we have water injection for a clean one.

2. Retractable container on two gas boots or waste fully removable container.

3. Additional exchangable storage containers in the GS standard.

4. Cooling equipment is only one of many devices that can be used to build the Piaggio

5. The coffee express is mounted ob the table. In case of more heavy devices to install we place them along the vehicle to keep the right position of the centre of gravity of the weight.

6. Lightweight stylistic construction of the bodywork interior make it very trasparent - the entire exclusive equipment is well visible and give a strong impression of cleanliness and comfort.